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In which I bemoan construction noise…

Since LSG is sometimes my blog (especially since I was invited to join an LSG is my blog group) I’ve been nudged into remembering that I have a blog and that I should probably use it.

At work, they are constructing an internal office inside what was our warehouse space. It’s means that there are internal walls gong up. It’s all happening directly outside my office. All the hammers, all the banging, all the drilling. I ended up with what felt like an almost sure and certain migraine-in-the-making. I took plenty of painkillers and the pain receded to a dull throb. Not great but an improvement. By the end of the day I was sort of like ‘the next person to make a noise is going to get seriously hurt’ but no one died.

So now I’m home and tucked up in bed feeling pretty grotty. Could be the end of the migraine or it could be because I’m in day two of the VLCD and haven’t yet gone into ketosis. According to the scales I’ve lost 2kgs in two days. I’m 10kgs away from the weight I was when we got married and 42kgs away from my goal weight. I have my outfit for my sisters wedding next August, a steampunk style corset and a long chocolate brown skirt. The outfit is intentionally small. I will wear it. DH is doing this with me so at least I’m not alone. DH has 66kgs to lose to get to his goal. I know that once I drop into ketosis I will feel better but right now I’m feeling pretty bad. We’re going on this from yesterday until the 21st December then doing two ‘packs’ and a meal in the evening through the holiday season and then back on it fully on the 3rd of January until we get to goal. We’ve got ,y sisters wedding in August for which I have my outfit and DH has his kilt, then we’re off to Florida in November… I really don’t want to end up with vasculitis again, that was really painful.

DH is out at stop smoking class tonight but he’ll be home in a little while. I’m sat up in bed, typing this and keeping myself hydrated with herbal tea and water. Also torturing myself by watching cooking programmes while I’m not allowed to eat anything. Wish I’d remembered to bring my knitting up.

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