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NaBloPoMo #6 – Election Fever Grips the World!

Today I woke up in the dark of my bedroom in Scotland with a vague sense of unease. Then I remembered, today is the long awaited day for the US Elections. Now, you may be thinking, why do I feel uneasy, I’m not American, nor do I play one on TV. I am, however, a citizen of Earth and lets face it, when America does something, the rest of the world follows. If Mitt Romney wins the US elections, I swear I’m emigrating to Mars. There will be nowhere to hide from that man. If he wins and puts his policies in place he’ll put the cause of feminism back decades. While I’m not a rabid feminazi I don’t shrink away from it either. I like my ability to say what I want, do what I want, think what I like and most importantly have the rights to my own body. The BBC are calling this election a tight race, I’m wondering what the people who will vote Romney think of him and his policies. I just wonder what ‘Mom’s For Mitt’ will think when their daughters right to be the one to decide on whether they keep their baby or not is taken away? Maybe they don’t think anything. Maybe they think thats right. Maybe they also think that children conceived during the course of a rape means it couldn’t be rape as the womans body would stop it… who knows. I’m not going to sit here and call them stupid, just because their opinion is different from mine does not make it wrong.

So tonight I go walking with T then I head home, nuke something real quick and then go upstairs (my living room still looks like a disaster zone and it depresses me) and settle down to watch the election coverage on the BBC. First polling station closes 7pm GMT so we should start seeing results after that. It’ll be morning until we see the big result and the BBC thinks it might be days before the swing states are sorted.

DH has stop smoking class again tonight so I’ll be on my lonesome. He started his Champix this morning and says he is feeling positive about the whole decision to quit. I’m very proud that he kept his promise to quit this year after I did it last year.

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