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NaBloPoMo #3

Last night we went to Bonfire Night with T and her DH. For those of you not in the UK or unfamiliar with the holiday I suggest googling Guy Fawkes Night or going to this Wikipedia page.

Anyway, I love fireworks. It’s one of my favourite things. However, I think I much prefer watching them at night in Florida more than I enjoy watching them outside on a night so cold it goes all the way to your bones. T made this amazing hot chocolate made with 3 bars of chocolate, whole milk and a pink peppercorn syrup. I made Rocky Road and T made Bonfire Toffee which rots your teeth before you actually eat it. But never mind the cold, its fine because I can dig out the hand knits and justify the hot chocolate!


Hello world!

In an attempt to get back into writing I’ve started this blog as a way to start. This blog will probably only be used to record my days and doings. As tomorrow is the first of the month I will start properly then.

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