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Why I need a house elf…

on December 9, 2012

Why is the housework never done. More to the point why do I create housework I hadn’t planned on doing today just so I can do it. Sundays are for relaxing not for running yourself ragged.

However, my bedroom is dust free, tidy, has no cups or rubbish, all the washing is done and the ironing is 2/3 done with the last load in the dryer. I should really have used my Unfuck Your Habitat app but I’ve only just remembered I have it. Never mind. I’m taking 10 minutes now then I might start 20/10 until its done or I’m done, whichever comes first.

I lost 10lbs at the weigh in on Monday and I’m due to weigh in again tomorrow morning. Last night was the craft group Christmas party so I did eat. DH says that since we’re going to be on this diet for a long time we need to be flexible with the idea that we might have to eat sometimes.

Oh well, I think the dryer is finished so I’d better go do the last of the ironing, but the bed sheets in the dryer and the last load of washing in the machine.


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