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NaBloPoMo #4

on November 5, 2012

Sometimes I think to myself that I am not nearly as well read as my peers. An example of this would be today, there was a poll discussing uses of the English language in the wrong way that annoyed you. I pointed out that one of my big issues is with the overuse of the word literally. Another LSGer replied saying she assumed it was mostly used as a way of employing hyperbole… and my brain pretty much exploded. So off I toddled to Google (the source of and answer to all of life’s problems) to see what on earth hyperbole was and, once I’d read the definition, realised what she was saying. I suppose in a way she’s right but the overuse and incorrect use of literally still bugs me.

I guess I used up all my smarts today on this:


I love the new lamp. It sets the dining room off nicely, is light enough for DH to study by but no so bright it’s blinding and gives a focal point without having to put pictures on the wall.

Tomorrow we start our diet again. I’ve sorted out my Sparkpeople account, linked my Fitbit account to Sparkpeople, make lunch for tomorrow and instructed DH that we’ll be getting up for breakfast before work.

Now all I have to do is go to sleep!!!


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